FlowBoot: Breathable Wraps



Regular Polos don’t work with FlowBoots.

FlowBoot wraps are designed to be used with the boots. They have much more stretch, never to be used without the boot. These are breathable. Combined with the open cell foam in the boots these wraps will not insulate heat like the standard sports medicine boots. They wash well, and hold up great. Hard to run down and last longer than a regular polo.




Caution: Do not apply the wraps directly to the horse or injury may occur. 
The wraps of the FlowBoot should only be used when paired with the protective foam boots.

The FlowBoot provides support and protection for any of your horse’s activities. Whether your horse is bred and trained for racing, or it’s a star athlete in polo, barrel racing, reining, cutting, jumping, or roping, you can be assured that the FlowBoot will provide proper protection and support while allowing for natural blood circulation.

Racing with Support
When it comes to speed your horse needs to be in top shape. This means extensive training and full health monitoring. The FlowBoot protects and supports the areas of the leg that are prone to injury due to physical exertion of racing. The open-cell foam boot absorbs heat and is designed around anatomical equine structures, to provide a level of support and protection that allows for peak performance and natural blood circulation.

Training with Protection
One of the biggest challenges you face during the training process is keeping your young horse free from injuries. Tendons, ligaments, joints and muscle are placed under considerable strain during training and should be protected from injury.

With a protective boot and a supportive wrap that allows for natural movement and blood flow, the FlowBoot enables your horse to train and perform like a true athlete.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 5 × 5 in






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