About Us

Kristy & Nancy

We are a mother/daughter team who share a love and passion for horses. We originally started selling the dac products over 17 years ago, and have continued to expand our knowledge through the years so that we can better serve you!

Kristy went on to get her Master’s degree in Animal Nutrition from Murray State University. This started out more as a hobby and slowly progressed into our business. We have listened to what our customer needs are and we bring our services, knowledge and products to you as a one stop shop. We truly feel there is not just one thing that is a “fix all”, but a combination of products. Thus, K&N EQUINE SOLUTIONS was started in January of 2016.

We appreciate our customers immensely and we thrive on being customer service orientated. We are always available for consultation, please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.

We will keep your horses looking, feeling and performing at their best!

Kristy Maxwell 954-445-3356

Nancy Maxwell 954-445-3359