dac – Ice Cooling Liniment

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From: $12.50

Helps soothe soreness and discomfort in horses due to exercise, overexertion, or stress



Additional Information
dac®ICE is a topically applied product used to help soothe sore muscles from competition, stress or overexertion. dac®ICE is applied directly to the skin before or after exercise or anytime needed. It is rapidly absorbed and can be used alone or mixed with other topically applied products. Apply ICE to the pasterns, cannon bones, knees, hocks, stifles, or other external problem areas. dac®ICE can be used on any horse. ICE will not leave a sticky residue. Designed for horses.

Essential Oils
Aroma therapeutic
Biodegradable and Cruelty Free
Sulfate Free and Paraben Free

Hand apply generous amounts directly to the pasterns, cannon bones, knees, hocks, stifles, or other external problem areas before, or after exercise or as

Key Ingredients
Camphor Oil Wintergreen Oil Eucalyptus Oil Cedarwood Oil

Notable Ingredients
CAMPHOR OIL – Used for its anti-inflammatory properties, it is one of the most common ingredients in vapor rubs, liniments, and balms.
For Skin – Used to help alleviate a topic dermatitis or eczema.
For Pain – Helps treat muscle aches and pains, while stimulating circulation, by interacting with receptors on the sensory
nerves, also helps reduce chronic muscle and joint pain over long periods of time.

METHYL SALICYLATE (Wintergreen Oil) – Used to treat minor aches and pains of the muscles/joints as an external analgesic. This works by cooling and then warming the skin. Anti-inflammatory and Aromatherapeutic

EUCALYPTUS OIL – Used to help relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and improve respiratory conditions.

CEDARWOOD OIL – A common ingredient in liniments for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Commonly used to
help relieve anxiety and reduce stress. Cedarwood oil is considered one of the best essential oils for arthritis because of its
inherent anti-inflammatory properties and is in many topical pain relievers for joint and muscle pain

Added Ingredients that will make this product stand out from the others
ARNICA EXTRACT – Used for it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which can aid with healing bruising, soft tissue injuries, muscular strains an soreness, joint stiffness, and lameness pain. Arnica has a multitude of benefits including increasing white blood cell activity as well as blood flow on the skin to help speed healing, it relieves inflammation, soothes itching and redness (including insect bites and sunburn), works as a natural analgesic to relieve topical pain, is anti-microbial to help with congested skin, and finally helps stimulate new hair growth.
THYMOL – A naturally derived ingredient that comes from thyme.
MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE HEXAHYDRATE – Used regularly for muscle ache relief and sore joints as well as stress relief! This is the main powerhouse behind Epsom Salt!
GLYCERIN – Glycerin functions as an active conditioning agent called a humectant which attracts and seals in moisture to the coat. When combined with other botanical actives, glycerin helps these ingredients work their way into the external cell layer.
GINGER EXTRACT – This a warming herbal extract, This has been used in a variety of muscle rubs to fight soreness.
GERANIUM EXTRACT – Helps balance oil production in skin, is antiseptic and antibacterial, nourishing, hydrating, and calms inflammation.
CALENDULA EXTRACT – Reduces inflammation, antiseptic properties that inhibit growth of problematic causing bacteria, antibacterial. Aids in healing wounds, burns, bruises, and rashes.
ECHINACEA EXTRACT – Boosts immunity, helpful in treating fungal infections, Excellent for skin complaints and used to encourage wound healing and protect from infection. Antiviral, antibacterial, immune-stimulant, anti-inflammatory.
WORMWOOD EXTRACT – Helps retain skin moisture, relieves redness and inflammation.
COMFREY EXTRACT – Good for skin growth, moisturizes, tones.
CHAMOMILE EXTRACT – Excellent for reducing inflammation and healing burns, ulcers, and wounds. Helps provide pain relief.
ROSEMARY EXTRACT – Another warming herb like ginger. stimulates hair growth, antioxidant, astringent, has vitamin A, C and calcium.
TEA TREE OIL – Good for skin, dandruff, dry skin, anti-fungal, natural antiseptic, soothing

NOTE: This product is not intended for use in an FDA medical application.

Seller is not responsible for damage, loss or injury of any kind including, without limited, lost profits. This product must be used as instructed. Express and implied warranties are disclaimed and sellers’ responsibility shall not exceed the purchase price of the product.

CAUTION: Always read and comply with all labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

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