Sore No-More The Sauce – 32oz


Sore No-More The Sauce is our herbal, pain-reliever for effective treatment of skin and hoof conditions, infections and abscesses.


Sore No-More The Sauce is our herbal, pain-reliever for effective treatment of skin and hoof conditions, infections and abscesses.

Skin and hoof conditions like thrush, rain rot, sweet itch, and abscesses can cause severe discomfort, pain, and inflammation. You need more than a simple iodine solution to remedy the condition. You need a powerful pain reliever that’s shown to reduce infection, discomfort and inflammation all while being gentle on the skin and eradicating the fungal or bacterial problem. That’s where our horse liniment comes in.

The Sauce contains our Sore No-More classic equine liniment as its base. This time-tested herbal liniment contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. The classic blend of arnica, rosemary, lavender, witch hazel and lobelia combined with our special tinctured iodine does more than treat skin and hoof conditions. The formula draws out heat, fluid, and toxins while promoting circulation and cooling the affected area. The Sauce acts as a powerful analgesic, antifungal, and antibacterial solution to tackle the most challenging hoof and skin conditions.

Use the Sore No-More horse liniment to treat existing skin and hoof problems or as a preventative. Apply to lower limbs or hooves to combat any fungal, bacterial or inflammatory issue. Standby favorite for rapidly drawing out abscesses. This horse liniment can be used as a standalone solution, diluted with water for a hoof soak, or mixed with sugar for a powerful sugardine paste remedy. The best part is that this product is safe to apply daily to remove soreness and prevent infection.

Arenus is proud to offer Sore No-More The Sauce as a safe and natural defense for challenging hoof and skin conditions.



Sugardine pastes or dressings have been trusted for many years by farriers and veterinarians to draw out abscesses, treat thrush and fight other common hoof ailments. Traditionally, povidone iodine or betadine is combined with white sugar to make a paste and applied to the hoof.

Using The Sauce in place of plain iodine or betadine creates a more powerful, effective paste than a traditional sugardine. Simply combine your ingredients with a ratio of approximately 40% sugar to 60% The Sauce. Paint on the hooves or use as a hoof pack. See our Product Video for tips on mixing a sugardine for your horse.


  • Effective skin and hoof remedy: Powerful antibacterial and antifungal formula heals tough skin and hoof conditions including thrush, rain rot, sweet itch, scratches and other infectious, dermal conditions. Use at full strength to treat and cool the affected area.
  • Pain and inflammation relief: Topical analgesic provides pain relief while drawing out heat, toxins and fluid. Can be painted on the hooves to relieve tender soles and bruises.
  • Powerful abscess treatment: Effectively pulls out abscesses while relieving pain, promoting circulation and cooling the area. Best used as a soak, hoof pack or sugardine for abscess treatment. For an effective soak dilute 1 part The Sauce with 6 to 8 parts water. Can be safely used at full strength if desired.
  • Prevention of skin and hoof ailments: Apply to the hooves and lower limbs to strengthen hooves and prevent abscesses, bacterial and fungal infections. Gentle formula can be used safely on a daily basis. 
  • Safe alternative for sensitive skin: The Sauce is made with herbal ingredients as a safer alternative to plain betadine or povidone iodine. Excellent choice for horses with sensitive skin or reactions to traditional liniments.


Our topical analgesic is formulated with our clinically-proven herbal liniment to effectively tackle a variety of skin and hoof conditions.

  • Powerful herbal liniment base: Our Sore No-More Classic Liniment provides the base for The Sauce. The proven, all-natural formula goes beyond the typical uses of a liniment. Effectively relieves pain, inflammation and fatigue. Draws out heat, fluid and toxins while promoting circulation and cooling the affected area.
  • Careful herb selection: Our whole herbs are carefully chosen, extracted and monitored for purity and strength. This crucial process is never overlooked and we never use commercial extracts or diluted tinctures. The process ensures the highest potency and purity for consistent, powerful pain relief.
  • Clinically proven pain relief: Sore No-More is the only liniment line with university published research related to back pain. Not only has the herbal solution been trusted by equine professionals and top competitors for over two decades, but it has real research and published evidence to prove it works. The study showed significant reduction in pain for working horses over a period of 3 – 4 weeks. Researchers began to see improvement after just 1 week of daily use.
  • Equine professional approved: Approved by veterinarians. Trusted by Olympic athletes, farriers, veterinarians and therapists across the country.
  • Award-winning liniment: Sore No-More Classic Liniment, the base formula of The Sauce, was awarded “Product of the Year” twice by The Horse Journal. Awarded “Top 10 Products of the Last 20 Years” by The Horse Journal in 2014. It stood out among its competitors for its effectiveness in reducing pain and inflammation.

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