Sore No-More Classic Gelotion – 1gal


Sore No-More® Classic Gelotion provides an alternative choice for liniment application in difficult areas. 



  • Sore No-More® Classic Gelotion has a thicker consistency than Sore No-More® Classic Liniment, meaning an easier application to areas where regular liniment is hard to keep in place
  • Can be used as a coupling medium for ultrasound work while helping to reduce pain and inflammation in that area and can be used for massage too
  • Sore No-More® Classic Gelotion can pinpoint areas of discomfort on your horse, as it will foam to indicate areas of heat and provide insight on possible injuries. Better for application to specific soft tissue areas, allowing less waste and proving to be more economical

Sore No-More® Classic Gelotion provides an alternative choice for liniment application in difficult areas.  The xantham gum added to the Classic Liniment formula offers a thicker consistency making for easy use in areas where traditional, liquid liniments limit application. 

You can trust Sore No-More® Classic Gelotion to provide the same herbal, all-natural effectiveness you’ve trusted in our liniments as well as being safe for use under wraps, tack, blankets and with therapeutics.  Additionally, you’ll find Classic Gelotion helpful in indicating areas of heat on your horse by foaming during massaged application which, can provide insight into possible performance issues. 


For topical use only. Not meant to be ingested. Keep away from immediate eye area. Do not use on open cuts or wounds. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from an open flame. 


Shake well before using 

Use on lower and upper limbs. 

Apply to directly to skin and massage before and after exercise on the back, legs, poll, or hocks. 

Paint directly on sole of sore hooves. 

To use as a coupling medium for ultrasound work, apply a generous amount to area before ultrasound work to help reduce friction. Can be used as a body brace before or after work outs, with heat or ice. Use a warm towel on area after Gelotion application to increase circulations or apply ice packs to help reduce inflammation for a more advance cooling effect. 

Safe to use under, tack, wraps, blankets and with therapeutics like Benefab by Sore No-More ®.


Proprietary extract of witch hazel bark and leaves with the following common herbs: arnica (Arnica montana), rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), lavender (Lavendula officinalis), lobelia (Lobelia inflate) and xantham gum

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 12 × 7 in


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